Four stars rated foreign employment service agency for the unparalleled services committed towards the Foreign Service industry of Sri Lanka.

Initiated as a manpower agency in 1989, Greenway agency initially targeted on supplying domestic workers to Middle East countries and later on expanded by targeting European countries in 1992. Since Greenway Agency has maintained a higher position in the recruitment process and provided an exceptionally professional training while utilizing the best employee evaluation process, in 1997 we were able to expand our business and started to send employees to many European countries for blue collared jobs.

Today, we have big names in our client list as the result of our focus, expertise and the best customer service. We are always on the way to bring innovative changes in our working procedures in order to optimize them so we can deliver even better.

Our Objective

We are targeting to obtain suitable placements in any country for our foreign job-seekers while enhancing the knowledge of our job-seekers to perform their duties to the fullest by exceeding the satisfaction of their overseas employers.

Our services

Our Values


We are committed to providing an efficient service to both our global principals and Sri Lankan foreign job-seekers.


We believe that confidentiality in information is an essential policy to preserve to maintain long-lasting relationships


We are empowered with innovative and cutting-edge working processes such as training procedures and marketing strategies


We are reliable and accept nothing less than the highest standards of ethical behavior from our customers as well as our global clients


We work hard to understand your business needs and help you in every possible way to achieve your goals.


We aim to work closely with our clients and principals to ensure good communication and deliver regular updates regarding the progress.