Greenway Agency combines an unmatched global perspective with detailed local market insight across all major industry sectors. Hence, we can assist you in supplying the workforce solution you need for your global project. Our proven recruitment, assessment and selection methods ensure that we identify the talent with the necessary skills and personal attributes that will add value to your organization.

To improve the working quality of the employees we send to foreign countries through our agency, we initiated to deliver a professional training programme at our Kurunegala training college. The clear documentation process we maintained and by issuing of visa through embassies we ensure that our principals, and the employees won’t face any future obstacles.

Speciality of Greenway Trainees

We maintain exceptionally professional training procedures for our blue collar and white collar job seekers before sending them to work in foreign countries. We issued them an NVQ 2 level certificate which approved and verified by the Vocational and tertiary Educational Authority of Sri Lanka.

  • A proper interview process to select the candidates
  • Proper documentation process
  • Well-trained employees with a government approved certificate
  • Underwent through online interview process
  • Provided a medical coverage
  • Visa issued through the embassies
  • Registered on the Foreign Employment Bureau
Progressive measures
We strategically mobilize our workforces by enhancing the success of our principals, our employees and at the end of the day our business as well
Our reputation is built upon the ‘trust’.We believe that confidentiality in information is an essential policy to preserve to meet the needs of your business successfully.
Expertise Knowledge
Employ innovative yet productive working processes and expert knowledge to minimize turnover and maintain productivity while regulating the expected demands of our principals.

Our Ethical value

More than 30 years of immersion in the changing foreign service sector has given us a deep understanding of the potential of people and expertise in unleashing that potential to drive both ours and our principals businesses forward while thriving a better future for the workers who we send to foreign service through our agency at the end of the day.

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